Informative and Entertaining Local Programming

Frankfort Plant Board cable is the only place you can find FPB-TV with local, award winning programs in the Frankfort area. 

Whether it's a high school sporting event, a local governmental meeting, or a deeper look into the Frankfort community, FPB-TV will be there to educate and inform viewers.  All programs on FPB-TV are available for purchase on DVD.



FPB-TV covers the action and rivalry of high school football, basketball, volleyball and soccer, as well as KSU football and basketball. Game of the Week captures the intensity of competition between high school peers in a multi-camera production staffed by our award winning crew.


Community Interests

Regular programming on FPB-TV educates and informs the Frankfort community with shows like Know Your Community, the longest running FPB-TV series hosted by William Cofield, Global Connections TV, Tourism Round Table, Let's Paint and At Your Library.  FPB-TV also produces features from around Franklin county such as From Sower Field to Commonwealth Stadium: the E. J. Fields Recruitment Story, Chasing the Diddle Dream, and Inside Frankfort T.R.U.


Education and Government

FPB-TV keeps you current with recordings of school board meetings, fiscal court meetings, code enforcement meetings, city commission meetings and the FPB Cable Updates show.




All FPB programs are available on DVD for $20.  Please call 502-352-4480 to order.  Pre-payment is required. Online ordering and payment is now available by visiting www.fpbdvd.com.


Transfer, Copy, Edit

FPB-TV can help you preserve those special moments and family events.  We can transfer your VHS tapes and 8 millimeter videos to DVD, copy your DVDs and edit sports highlight packages.  Call 502-352-4480 for pricing and options.


In Studio Location

The FPB-TV studio and office are located on 306 Hickory Drive, on the left just before the East Frankfort Park.   Get directions here.



Bring FPB-TV to Your Next Community Event

FPB-TV's professional and award winning production staff can be on-hand for your next community meeting, social event, public gathering, pageant or sports competition. 

Get started scheduling your next event by completing a short, online form.  Please notify FPB-TV at least two weeks prior to event. 


FPB-TV Bulletin Board

FPB provides a free, informative bulletin board announcement service on cable channel 10. Announcements are restricted to non-commercial agencies or groups.  Ready to submit an announcement for the bulletin board? 

Submit an announcement online or call 352-4480. Or visit our studio.


Leased Access Channel 20

FPB Channel 20 is available to "for-profit" shows of any kind.  For a small fee, get your program into thousands of homes around Frankfort and Franklin County.  

Summary of Federal Statutes and Rules Governing Commercial Leased Access Programming
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Contact FPB-TV

Questions?  Show Ideas?  Ready to schedule your event with FPB-TV?
Contact us by calling 502-352-4480 or filling out one of the forms above.