Note: benefits are subject to plan rules, provisions, exclusions and limitations. The plan document controls and any conflict between this summary and the FPB plan document shall be resolved in favor of the plan document. Benefits are subject to change. Revised 7/26/2011



Employees are eligible for coverage on their first day of employment; coverage ends on the last work day. 

Employee Bi-weekly Contribution:

  • $5.38 Employee only; FPB pays 98% of the premium cost
  • $24.22 Parent Plus; [Employee + Child(ren]; FPB pays 94% of the premium cost
  • $25.43 Couple; [Employee + Spouse]; FPB pays 94% of the premium cost
  • $60.28 Family; (Employee + Spouse and Children); FPB pays 91% of the premium cost
  • Medical Coverage (for employees and eligible dependents):  PPO plan with Bluegrass Family Health Single Source Network (reduced benefits for services outside network). In Network Benefits: Maximum out-of-pocket $500 Single or $1500 Family. Physician Office Visits, Immunizations and Physical Exams - $20 Co-Pay. $10 Co-Pay for Preventive/Wellness visits, Prescriptions - $5/$30/$60. Basic Benefits - 100% for usual, customary and reasonable (UCR) charges for Hospital Services; most other services paid at 80% or 90%.
  • Dental Coverage (for employees and eligible dependents):  Deductible and Co-Insurance based on type of service.
  • Vision Coverage (for employees and eligible dependents):  No Deductible. Annual Eye Exam @ 80% - FRAMES @ 50% - LENSES or CONTACTS: @ 50%

DISABILITY COVERAGE (Short Term (STD) and Long Term (LTD) (for employees only)

STD: MAXIMUM: $900 per Week, Eligible after 1 year of employment; 13 weeks, 60% of Salary, 90 day Waiting Period (Includes Maternity) MUST BE UNDER A DOCTOR’S CARE: Basic weekly earnings (excludes OT)  LTD: MAXIMUM: $6,000 per Month, Normal Retirement 180 Day Waiting Period - 60% of * Salary (Coordinates with Short Term Disability) MUST BE UNDER A DOCTOR’S CARE Salary: Basic weekly earnings (excludes OT)

LIFE COVERAGE (for employees only)

Coverage is 2 times Annual Salary (minimum - $50,000, maximum -$200,000); AD&D Coverage is 4 times Annual Salary; premium paid by FPB; Additional Optional Life Coverage for eligible employees (and spouses) is also available with premium paid by employee through payroll deduction.

Employees who retire from FPB and receive immediate CERS retirement benefits are enrolled in Retiree Life Insurance with $5,000 of no cost coverage - premium paid by FPB. 


Health FSA - Allows employees to set aside payroll dollars on a pre-tax basis to pay for certain qualified expenses. Funds can be used for office visit co-pays, deductibles and other eligible expenses.Dependent Care – Allows employees to fund their account through pre-tax payroll contributions that are reimbursed to the employee for eligible dependent care expenses, such as daycare. 


Regular Full-Time Employees are required to participate in the Kentucky Retirement System (CERS non-hazardous). Employees participating prior to September 1st, 2008 contribute 5% of gross wages through payroll deduction; employees participating September 1st, 2008 and after contribute 6%. FPB contributes a percentage of gross wages as determined by the State Legislature. Effective July 1, 2013, FPB’s contribution toward employee retirement benefits is 18.89% of gross wages. 

CERS is a defined benefit plan and benefits are based on formulas that use years of service, compensation and a benefit factor to determine retiree benefits. Service date is also a factor in determining the benefits retirees receive. An employee who becomes disabled may be eligible for retirement benefits. Additional information is available at kyret.com or by contacting Kentucky Retirement Systems at 1260 Louisville Road, Perimeter Park West, Frankfort, KY 40601.


Regular, Full-Time Employees have the option to participate in 401K and 457 Plans offered by the Kentucky Public Employees Deferred Compensation Authority. Employees may choose to payroll deduct their Pre-Tax contributions. Accounts are fully funded by the employee; FPB does not match or contribute to these plans. All transactions (applications, elections, changes, etc.) must be processed by the Kentucky Public Employees 

Deferred Compensation Authority, 2501 Georgetown Road, Suite 1, Frankfort KY 40601-8862. 


FPB observes 10 Holidays per year.


Employees accrue one sick day per month with no maximum accumulation, effective upon employment. Upon retirement from FPB, unused sick leave may be exchanged for service credit time within the provisions of the retirement system.


(Not eligible to take Vacation Leave until after successful completion of 6-month introductory period).

Employees accrue:

  • 1 to 2 years 10 days 
  • 2 to 8 years 12 days 
  • 8 to 15 years 15 days 
  • 15 to 20 years 18 days 
  • 20 years and over 21 days


FPB has contracted with Bluegrass West Comprehensive Care Center (BGWCCC) to provide an Employee Assistance Program. BGWCCC provides confidential Assessment and Clinical mental health services. Each full-time employee and family member is eligible to receive up to five treatment sessions per fiscal year (July - June). Services are strictly confidential.


After one year of service, employees are eligible to receive tuition reimbursement for FPB job related courses taken at accredited universities, colleges, and technical schools. Tuition reimbursement is based on the tuition rate at Kentucky State University. Employees may take a maximum of two courses per term, up to 12 credit hours per year, and must earn a “C” or better final grade. Courses must be approved in advance and approval is subject to availability of budgeted funds.


The FPB’s wellness program is voluntary to all full-time employees. The program’s main focus is tobacco cessation assistance, encouraging physical activity, and disease prevention & early intervention. The tobacco cessation program utilizes Quit Line to provide professional counseling services to employees and spouses. FPB covers the cost of nicotine replacement products for program participants. To encourage physical activity employees are eligible to receive 75% of the cost to participate in approved physical  activities or classes, weight control programs, or for gym membership up to $200 per year. Employees can voluntarily complete an annual Health Risk Assessment onsite, and get confidential results. A third party vendor offers follow up including information on personal health management & coaching. 


As participants in the Kentucky Retirement system, FPB employees are eligible for membership in the Commonwealth Credit Union and the Kentucky Employees Credit Union. Both of these financial institutions are not-for-profit cooperatives, owned by their members.