Frankfort On Tap

Frankfort On Tap

We’re lucky to live in a community where safe and clean drinking water is local and available at the turn of a tap. We are proud of the quality of water provided by FPB’s water treatment plant. Frankfort On Tap is a water branding campaign to promote the value of our public-sourced tap water here in Frankfort and surrounding counties.


Reasons to Choose Tap Water

Frankfort On Tap

• Regulated by EPA

• Cost about 1/2 a cent per gallon. 

• No plastic to make or ship. 

• Fresh tap water is better for you and the environment.

• It’s convenient! Tap water is already in your home so there’s no need to go out and buy it.

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Bottled Water 

Not regulated by EPA

• Bottled water is more than 700 times more
expensive than tap water.

• The production of bottled water uses 17 million
barrels of oil a year

• Plastic bottles are bad for the environment - they pollute our beaches, harm marine life, and are slow to decay. 

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Tips About Drinking Water

 • Try carrying a reusable bottle you can fill with tap water whenever you want. 

• Drinking water is a smart and healthy choice for your body. 

• When you have a choice between bottled water and tap water, drinking from the tap is much better for the planet and your wallet.