World class service, local prices

FPB Telephone offers customers a crystal clear connection whether they're calling downtown, across town, or a town in another country.  No static and no keeping track of minutes.  

FPB Telephone keeps your life simple with useful calling features like Call Waiting, Caller ID, Voice Mail, Call Forwarding, 3-Way Calling and many, many more.  There are no long term contracts and no hidden fees.  FPB's friendly and informative customer service is right around the corner to lend a hand whenever you need it.  See more international rates here.

FPB’s international calling rates are charged on a per/minute basis and based on a number of factors including (but not limited to): the region in the country being called, whether the number being called is a mobile or landline, and the service provider of the number being called.


Unlimited FPB Residential Telephone


Features Include

One Local Phone Line

Five call features:
Call ID
Call Waiting
Call Forwarding
3-Way Calling

Unlimited Regional + Domestic U.S. Calling* including: Continental U.S., Puerto Rico, Bahamas, Dominican Republic, US Virgin Islands, Guam, Hawaii, and Alaska.

*Subject to Acceptable Use Policy.  Click here for policy.

Telephone Features (a la carte per line):

Telephone features (a la carte per line):  Telephone features (a la carte per line): Call Return *69 ($3.50); Repeat Dialing ($3.25); Caller ID Blocking ($0); Teen Ring ($3.00); 2nd Teen Ring ($1.75); Call Tracing *57 ($3.25); Selective Call Acceptance ($2.00); Anonymous Call Rejection ($2.50); Speed Call 8 Numbers ($2.75); Speed Call 30 Numbers ($3.25); Selective Call Rejection ($2.00); Unpublished Number ($5.50); Additional Listing ($1.50 each); Number Portability Charge (optional, one-time charge): $15. 24-hour back-up battery available.


Accessing your Voice Mail Box

Call from your phone

Dial 352-9950
When your message begins to play, press *
Follow the prompts to enter your PIN.

Dial *333- wait for recorded message
Press *
Follow the prompts to enter your PIN.

Default PIN is the last four digits of your phone number. You MUST change your PIN to something other than this for security reasons or your voicemail could become unusable.

Check Your Messages Press 1
1 Replay current message
2 Skip current message
4 Skips back 5 seconds while playing message
5 Skips ahead 5 seconds while playing message
7 Deletes current message
8 Exit

Change Personal Options Press 4
1 Use the system greeting
2 Use your No Answer personal greeting
3 Use your No Answer and Line Busy greeting
4 Record your No Answer greeting
5 Record your Line Busy greeting

To change your recorded name, press 2
To change your password, press 3
To exit, press *


Phone Features, Codes & Descriptions

Call Forwarding Remote Access *54
Call 573-388-2006
Enter your phone # and PIN (last 4 digits of your phone #)
Enterthe call forwarding access code you require (for example, to access call forwarding, enter *72)
Configure the call service as for normal call forwarding configuration.

Call Tracing *57
To trace a call (after you hang up)

Selective Call Acceptance *64
Allows only selected numbers to ring your line when activated

Caller ID Blocking *67
If your number is non-published it allows delivery of name & number: If your number is published this blocks delivery of the information

Call Return *69
Automatically re-dial the last number that called you

Call Waiting Cancel *70
Turns off Call Waiting on a per-call basis

Call Forward Activate *72
To turn on and set Call Forward to number

Call Forward Deactivate *73
To turn off Call Forwarding

Speed Call Program Short *74
To program Speed Call list up for 8 numbers

Speed Call Program Long *75
To program Speed Call for 30 numbers

Anonymous Call Rejection *77
Works with Caller ID to block calls from numbers who block delivery of Caller ID

Anonymous Call Rejection Deactivate *87
Deactivates Anonymous Call Rejection to accept all calls

Selective Call Rejection *60
Up to 10 telephone numbers customer does not wish to receive call from

Three Way Calling
Flash hook current call, dial new number, flash again to get first caller on

Call Forward Remote Access
Call 573-388-2006 and follow the prompts to configure


Questions about FPB Telephone?  Visit our FAQ here.  
If the FAQ doesn't answer your question,
give us a call at 502-352-4372.

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