Q. Can those customers in Woodford and Shelby counties who are part of the FSN network get FPB telephone service?

A. Yes and No. The only special requirement is that, due to regulatory restrictions, these customers are required to take a new FPB telephone number and would not have the option of having their old telephone number work on the FPB line. With the FPB line, the customer will have Frankfort and Franklin County as their local calling area.

FPB can not provide phone to Woodford County because of 911.  FPB is unable to send 911 information to the PSAP in Woodford County. 


Q. Do I have to pay all those additional charges that my current telephone company bills me?

A. No. While FPB will still bill you for taxes and regulatory fees we are required by law to collect, we will not charge our customers any extra fees for things such as mileage or number portability. In addition, FPB will not be a billing agent for other companies who charge you for services that you didn’t order, so you won’t see those unauthorized charges on your FPB bill. This practice is called “cramming” charges on the telephone bill.


Q. Do I need any special inside wiring or special telephones to work with the FPB service?

A. No. FPB local service uses the same wiring that is presently inside your home and works with all standard telephones.



Q. Do I need to have FPB cable service in order to have FPB local telephone service?

A. No.


Q. Does the customer need to be home at the time service is installed?

A. Yes. We ask that the customer be home just to ensure that service is working properly on all telephone sets before we leave the customer premises.



Q. How does FPB telephone service work?

A. Your current telephone company provides telephone service over copper wires that attach to a network interface box on the outside of your home or apartment. Other competitive local exchange companies simply lease these same lines and resell them. FPB local telephone service utilizes its own advanced electronic switch and fiber optic network that allows the telephone service to be delivered on the same coaxial cable that delivers your video service and high-speed Internet access. Our skilled technicians will install a modem termination device (approximately 8” X 10”) on the side of your home near your current telephone box connection. The modem termination device will connect to the current telephone wiring inside your home to provide dial-tone that uses the same telephone outlets that are being used today.


Q. How much does it cost to have FPB telephone service installed in my home?

A. Activation Fee (one time charge) for one Cable • Telecom service: $30. Activation Fee (one time charge) for two or more Cable • Telecom services: $50. Additional inside wiring installation charges may apply. Limited service area. Taxes apply. If you decide to keep your same telephone number, there will be a charge of $15 to recover the cost to transfer the number from your former telephone company. If you decide to take a new FPB telephone number there is no additional charge.


Q. How soon will local telephone service be installed?

A. Our normal installation period is a matter of a few days. However, this depends on the demand for service. You will be notified of the soonest available date for installing service. If you want to keep your old telephone number we will have to add an additional five days to process the order with your old telephone company. In this case, our installers will connect the modem termination device on your home and make sure it is working properly. When your telephone number is ready to be moved to our service we will make the final connection.

If you have further questions concerning long distance service call FPB customer service at 502-352-4372. Outside of Franklin County call 1-888-312-4372 


Q. If I decide to switch my telephone service to FPB do I need to call my current local telephone company and disconnect service?

A. If you are keeping the same telephone number, you do not have to call. Your previous company will be automatically informed and your old telephone service will be disconnected at the time new FPB service is established. If you decide to get a new FPB number, you will need to call your old telephone company to disconnect your old telephone service. A customer should be sure that they always have the ability to call 911 in case of a personal emergency. For that reason, the customer might wait until the new FPB local service is connected before placing the order to disconnect the old service, in case there is a delay for any reason in getting the new service installed. We also suggest that when you call to disconnect service you request that a recording be placed on your old telephone number advising callers of the new number. This call referral service should be provided by the old telephone company at no charge for a period up to ninety (90) days.


Q. If I get FPB telephone service will my number be in the directory and available through directory assistance?

A. Yes. Regardless if you keep your old telephone number or get a new FPB number your number will be placed in the AT&T white pages directory and available from directory assistance at no extra charge. In addition, AT&T directories will be delivered to FPB local telephone customers at no charge. A monthly charge applies if an FPB local service customer wishes to have the telephone number unlisted and/or unpublished.  With an exception for Shelby County customers.  These numbers can't be listed in any phone book because of the address.


Q. If I take FPB telephone service will I have to change my telephone number?

A. No. You have the option of keeping your current telephone number or having FPB assign a new telephone number.


Q. If I want additional telephone connections inside the home or experience problems with my existing outlets, can you do that work?

A. Yes. FPB technicians will install additional telephone connections in your home at our standard fee of $31 per outlet. 


 Q. What is my local calling area with FPB telephone service?

A. Your standard FPB telephone local calling area is the same as with your old telephone company. In addition, for an extra $12 per month, you can subscribe to FPB’s extended local calling area service that allows you to call anywhere in the 502 area code without long distance charges.


Q. What long distance service provider can I use with FPB local service?

A. We recommend that you use FPB long distance service. The FPB LD rate ($.06 per minute anytime with no monthly service fee) is very competitive and you have the added convenience of all charges appearing on the same bill. However, customers do have the option of selecting any other long distance carrier.


Q. Where is service available?


A. FPB local telephone service is available to most residence and business customers in Frankfort and Franklin County. You just need to be in area that has been converted to FPB’s Full Service Network. An FPB representative (352-4372) can tell you if the area you live in is part of the FSN.


Q. Will a dial-up computer modem work on the FPB line?

A. The dial-up modem should work but some older dial-up modems cannot utilize FPB’s all-digital telephone network.


Q. Will FPB telephone service be as reliable as the telephone service from my current telephone company?

A. FPB  Telephone service is just as reliable and will actually provide a better quality connection because our service uses state-of-the-art digital connections provided over fiber optic facilities.


Q. Will I be able to dial 911 in case of an emergency through the FPB telephone line?

A. Yes. 


Q. Will I be able to get the same features on my telephone service that I have today?

A. Yes. You can have the same popular custom calling features you have today, including caller ID, call waiting, three-way calling, voice mail, etc. The features will generally cost about 20% less than you are paying today. In addition, FPB local service offers different packages of the most commonly requested service features at an even greater reduced cost to our subscribers.


Q. How will billing be handled for local telephone service?

A. You will get just one bill from FPB that will include all of your utility services, including water, electric, cable, cable modem, local telephone, and long distance. Unlike what you may be used to seeing for telephone service, the description of service will be in plain English and the charges for each service will be clearly described on your bill.

Note: Customers should be advised that their first local telephone service monthly bill from FPB will include charges for a partial month (from the day service was connected to the end of the month) plus a month in advance. Customers should, in turn, get a refund for a partial month for service disconnected with their old telephone company. 


Q. If I have a repair problem or question about my local telephone service whom do I call?

A. If you have a problem or question about your local telephone service just call our local Frankfort customer service center at 352-4372 (4FPB). Our service center is open 24 hours every day for your service needs. You will speak with a real person who works in Frankfort, is familiar with your service and values you as a customer.


Q. If the electricity goes out in my home will the phone still work?

A. Yes. Power to the telephone will come from our FPB network and does not rely on the electricity at your home. Customers should be reminded that most cordless phones do not operate if electricity is out unless they have a battery backup for the telephone.