Frankfort Plant Board Site/Demolition Project - FPB Bid# 1652 (CLOSED)

Issued on February 8, 2018, by the Electric & Water Plant Board of the city of Frankfort, Kentucky. Closes on March 9, 2018, at 1 pm.

Project scope consists of four areas of scope. First - Demolition of an existing parking area, which includes concrete retaining walls, asphalt pavement, and fill material. The area of demolition shall be regraded to protect an existing underground storm detention system. Incidental asphalt, concrete curbs, and stormwater connections are required. Second - Demolition of the existing Chain Link Site Fencing System and Concrete Maintenance Curb in locations identified, approximately 1,100 ln/ft. New 7’ Masonry landscape Pier’s and a 7’ Prefinished Steel Fencing system will be constructed in approximately the same footprint. Third – A Landscaping package including trees, shrubs, and mulching beds as identified in the plans. Fourth - Restoration / Repointing of the facilities Historic Stone entry walls and piers, approximately 220 ln/ft.  Please see the Contract Documents for full project requirements.

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