Viacom Update 3-31-14

FPB continues to actively negotiate with Viacom and remain hopeful to reach an agreement before midnight 3/31.

We hope Viacom does not pull their signal as they have threatened.  Viacom is asking for an increase in fees of 40 times the rate of inflation.  Significant channel fee increases impact your bill and we’re on your side to keep these fees low. Please visit for updates.

March 30

Frankfort Plant Board has been impacted by actions of Viacom today that have disrupted service. It is regrettable that Viacom has decided to drag our loyal customers into the negotiation with disruption of service and misinformation while we remain under an agreement until 11:59 pm EDT on March 31. 2014. Please know that we continue negotiations and the decision to lose the Viacom services rests squarely with Viacom. To learn more and stay on top of the facts please visit