FPB Schedules Cable-Telecom Maintenance Outage for Friday Morning 11/13/15

Friday morning (Friday, November 13), FPB Cable-Telecom crews will conduct necessary maintenance in three specific sections of the service area.

Area #1 includes: Clay St., Steele St., Lyons Ct., Carriage Ln., West Todd, New St., State St., Shelby St., Patton Ln., West Campbell, West Fourth St., Conway St., Ewing St., Ewing Ct., Webber Ct., Hawkins Dr., Bridge St., Riverview Ct., West Third St and Thomas Place.

Area #2 includes: 110 – 114 Cypress Dr., 200 and 210 Kings Daughters Dr., 188 – 202 Tupelo Tr., 200 Tupelo Tr., apartments 10 – 15., 220 Tupelo Tr., apartments10 – 45

Area #3 includes: 148 – 152 Elkhorn Ct. and 917 Georgetown Rd.

This maintenance window will begin at 2:00am and service should be restored by 6:00am, Friday, November 13. Cable, internet and telephone customers may see service affected or completely interrupted during this window.

We understand this is an inconvenience to our valued customers. FPB chose to conduct the maintenance during these early morning hours to avoid service issues during peak usage times.  We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience during this necessary maintenance.