FPB Schedules Electric Maintenance Outage for Wednesday, May 27

Wednesday morning (Wednesday, May 27th), FPB Electric crews will conduct a scheduled maintenance outage for a large part of our east Frankfort service area. This maintenance is to make system upgrades and preparations for a new substation section.

The area impacted includes: Meredith Ave., Turnberry Dr., FPB Service Center, FPB Cable Building, East Frankfort Park, Bonney Castle Dr., Senate Dr., Queensway Dr., Kingsway Dr., Sycamore Dr., Westland, Desha Dr., Highland Pkwy., Magnolia Ave., Strathmore Dr., Sunset Dr., Smith Ave., Bryan Ave., Stevenson Ave., Beckham Ave., a section of Wilson’s Nursery, McKenzie Ave., Johnson Ave., Jackson Dr., and Highland Christian Church.

The area listed will not completely be without electric service. Some addresses in these areas will be impacted, some will not. One side of the street may be without power, the other side of the street may have power. Some houses will have power; some will not have power, etc.

The maintenance window will begin at 8:30 AM Wednesday and power should be restored to the affected areas by 11:30 AM.

We appreciate customer patience during this necessary system maintenance and upgrade.