FPB Approves AMCN Contract and Classic Cable Rate Reduction

After months of tense negotiations, fans of AMC’s “Walking Dead” can fear not…FPB Classic Cable has reached an agreement with AMC Networks (AMCN).

The Directors of the Frankfort Plant Board approved the AMC Networks agreement last night at their regularly scheduled meeting. According to FPB Cable Marketing and Video Content Coordinator Harvey Couch, the deal was a product of solid negotiating by the National Cable Television Cooperative (NCTC), working on behalf of FPB. “Because the NCTC did such a good job negotiating, they were able to lower the price significantly from what we thought it was going to be just a month ago.” Not only was FPB able to reach an agreement to keep the networks, the Board of Directors of FPB approved a reduction of the Classic Cable rate by $0.70 starting on 2/1/16. The new Classic Cable rate will be $60.15 starting on 2/1/16.

Couch said he was glad customers won’t miss out on a network that features the wildly popular “Walking Dead”. “We’re excited to be able to continue offering AMC Network programming to our customers while also passing along a rate decrease of nearly a dollar a month.”

While the negotiations were long and tense, Couch says this is a perfect example of FPB working to get the best deal possible for customers. “FPB is committed to keeping rates as low as possible. We consistently handle programming rates as a pass-through from the programmers to our customers. This commitment goes both ways. After final negotiations with AMCN and the NCTC, we are happy to pass along a rate reduction to our valued customers.”