FPB Cycle Billing Update

FPB’s Board and staff continue to look for ways to improve service. One way to reduce congestion in the office and wait times on the phone is through cycle billing, which is now an industry standard. With cycle billing, bills are sent twice a month instead of once a month, reducing customer wait times.

For many years, FPB has sent all customer bills at the same time of the month and all customer bills have been due on the same date each month. As FPB’s customer base has grown over time, this billing pattern has resulted in longer wait times for customers to reach our staff both on the phone and in our office.

Once implemented, bills for half of FPB’s customers will be due on the first of the month and bills for the other half of FPB’s customers will be due on the fifteenth of the month. Customers will still have due only one bill per month in an amount similar to what they have paid in the past. FPB plans to begin cycle billing in May 2017. 

FPB realizes this change will result in some customers receiving a bill due April 15th and their May bill due May 1st. To help alleviate this financial impact, FPB will work with these customers to create payment arrangements to ease the implementation of this process. However, due to meter reading schedules and routes, FPB is unable to allow customers to select a particular due date.

For questions about cycle billing, contact FPB customer service at 352-4372.