FPB Selects Big River Communications to Offer New Phone Service

To meet the needs of our customers, we need to offer feature-rich voice services bundled with our cable services
— Herbbie Bannister, FPB General Manager

Frankfort Plant Board (FPB) recently announced Big River Communications has been selected to provide the community with the next-generation Digital Phone solution to power the information movement and management needs of the community. Big River Communications offers a host of rich features as well as a simple operating model that will benefit the end user.

Big River is a leading provider of Digital Phone Service for Municipalities, Cable Companies, and Electric Co-Ops throughout the United States. Big River’s platform offers FPB’s customers the latest features they need for today’s rapidly changing world.

“To meet the needs of our customers, we need to offer feature-rich voice services bundled with our cable services,” stated Herbbie Bannister, General Manager. “Big River helps us do just that with a highly available solution with excellent quality. Big River will provide FPB and the end user with a portal that is easy to use and allows customers to configure what they need when they need it.”

“Big River Communications is proud to have been chosen by the Frankfort Plant Board,” said Kelley Riehlman, Director of Wholesale Services. “Big River has the expertise and long term commitment to work with Frankfort to make the transition to Big River smooth and the end customer experience exceptional.”

John Higginbotham, FPB Assistant General Manager of Cable-Telecom says this is positive for FPB customers. “FPB is excited to bring new phone services to our customers. By summer, residential and small business customers can expect bundled local, long distance and phone features for a flat price – with most customers probably seeing a reduction in their monthly cost for phone service. If customers wish to receive the same service and pay the same price, that’s fine. But they may have a potential to get more for less with our new bundled offerings.”

“In addition, FPB is partnering with Big River Communications to offer a hosted PBX solution for commercial customers for the first time. We’re excited to have the opportunity to offer this level of service to Frankfort businesses.”

"Our partnership with Big River will give our phone customers increased reliability, more options and potentially better rates, but nothing else will change for the customer. FPB is not getting out of the phone business; we are helping to evolve it. We are working with a third party to provide improved services. FPB and Big River are committed to providing the best possible service to our customers."

About Big River Communications

Founded in 1983, Big River is a national provider of Digital Phone services. In the contiguous U.S., the company provides service in all 50 states focused on Cable Companies, Electric Co-Ops, and Municipalities. Big River is a privately-owned company with corporate offices in St. Louis, Missouri. Big River provides its customers with superior support which is backed by a professional technology group who understands the needs and issues of today's business and residential customers.