FPB Hydrant Flushing Locations for 4/29/16

FPB Water crews will be flushing fire hydrants at the following locations on Friday, April 29:

  • St. Clair

  • Mero St.

  • Wilkerson Blvd.

  • Clinton St.

  • Ann St.

  • Fair Oaks

  • Westland Dr.

  • Sunset Dr.

  • Lyons Dr.

  • Smith Ave.

  • Lookout Ave.

  • Bender Dr.

  • Dewey Ct.

  • Stevenson Dr.

  • Lincoln Dr.

Hydrant flushing is necessary to maintain the integrity and quality of the distribution system and to insure hydrants are functioning properly.  This will also allow FPB to obtain firefighting flow information, which is shared with city and county fire departments. 

We ask that motorists please use caution in the flushing areas due to possible water in the roadway.  Some discoloration may occur in your tap water; this is normal.  If discoloration persists after running your faucet for a short time, please call 352-4372.