Frankfort Plant Board moves to replace 130-year-old water reservoir

After considering input from engineering consultants, FPB staff and local residents, the Frankfort Plant Board voted Tuesday night to replace the 130-year-old water tanks at the reservoir site in Tanglewood. The current tanks have reached the end of their service life and in recent years have shown signs of seepage and slippage.

The board considered alternative locations for the reservoir replacement and found that because the existing infrastructure is already in place, the current site proved to be the best and most affordable option for existing and future storage.

“We have a responsibility to all of our ratepayers to ensure fiscal responsibility,” said Chairman Ralph Ludwig. “It was clear that this was the most cost-effective solution which provides the most operational flexibility in the future."

The board heeded comments from residents and rejected a recommendation to move forward with a more economical domed-roof design until more information is provided. The board requested consultation with a tank manufacturer to consider the extra construction and ongoing maintenance costs that would be required for a flat roof. A presentation will be scheduled for the April meeting.

“The board is making every effort to ensure that this is a thoughtful process,” said Ludwig. “It is our goal to keep costs to a minimum for our customers while continuing to provide quality services to this community.”