Public gets new information on FPB headend/reservoir property

FPB gives community opportunity for input and discussion

Consultants presented new information on the headend/reservoir projects to the Frankfort Plant Board and the public at a special meeting Tuesday night. The board voted last fall to approve spending $860,000 for a new fence, demolition of the existing parking structure and landscaping at the Tanglewood property. At the Tuesday meeting, the board reviewed other options at the site that could run up to $3 million.

Adam Weber of Strand Associates, an engineering consulting firm that has assessed the reservoir since 2007, presented six 3-D renderings of roof options for the new water reservoir tank – two views of the three different roof options, one with a retaining wall and one without.

Staff discussed the cost implications of the different construction options. The estimated cost for replacing the tanks is $4 million. This cost includes a standard 1/10th rise free-span concrete dome. The 1/16th rise free-span concrete dome would cut the height of the standard dome by seven feet and would add $500,000 to the project. The column-supported flat roof has a more complicated design, will raise the sidewall by approximately two feet and will cost an additional $1.75 million to construct.

The 3-D roof option renderings will be available for the public to access from FPB’s website on Thursday, June 1.

Aaron Nickerson of GRW, an engineering, architectural and geospatial consulting firm, presented seven fencing options for the Tanglewood property. He also provided cost estimate comparisons ranging from nearly $600,000 to nearly $1 million that include fence construction, demolition of the parking structure, landscaping, design fees and the estimated costs of relocating utilities, if necessary. Once GRW completes a site survey identifying the location of existing utilities, FPB will make that information available to the public. This will aid in making final determinations for fence options.

Members of the community had the opportunity at the meeting to voice concerns and ask questions of the consultants, FPB staff and board members. The board plans to provide more information to the public as it becomes available with hopes of further public discussions later this month.

Playback of Tuesday night's meeting will air on FPB-TV channel 10 on Wednesday at 8 p.m.

Upcoming FPB public meetings include a budget review at 1 p.m. on June 6, 2017 and a public hearing to set rates at 5 p.m. also on June 6 at the FPB administration building at 151 Flynn Ave in Frankfort.