FPB makes moves to prepare customers for winter

The Frankfort Plant Board is taking proactive steps to prepare customers for the hardships that accompany colder weather. Between energy-saving tips, gifting opportunities and connections with Blue Grass Community Action, FPB is on a campaign to provide customers with the resources they need to stay warm this season.

“We care about our customers and are doing what we can to help,” said General Manager Gary Zheng. “Beyond sharing information about energy efficiency, weatherization assistance and energy assistance programs, we are also offering our community opportunities to support each other in the spirit of the holiday season.”

FPB kicked off its “Winter is coming!” campaign downtown last Friday night at the Candlelight Tradition. Electric crew members were on hand with a light board to demonstrate the efficiency of light emitting diodes (LED) bulbs as compared to traditional incandescent bulbs. LEDs typically use about 65 to 80 percent less energy and can last 25 times longer. The team also gave away more than 250 LED bulbs and other information to encourage energy efficiency.

FPB is also producing eight 30-second spots focused on tips that will help customers save energy and money during the cold months. These will run on FPB cable and will be featured on social media, in FPB’s lobby and on FPB’s website at https://fpb.cc/energy-saving-tips.

Beginning Dec. 3, FPB will offer gift certificates through its new POWER program. POWER stands for Providing Others Water and Electric Resources. The program allows a gift-giver to credit the Frankfort Plant Board account of the customer of his or her choosing.

The POWER gift certificate works more like a credit. While a traditional gift certificate can get lost or stolen, the POWER credit is deposited directly into the recipient’s FPB account upon purchase. FPB will automatically deduct the amount of purchase from the recipient’s next bill.

“If you prefer to give practical gifts, this is for you,” said Public Information Coordinator Cathy Lindsey. “POWER makes a great gift for young adults trying to make it on their own, families in need or senior citizens.”

FPB recognizes that some may want to share the power of giving but do not have a specific customer account to designate. That’s where the Winter Care program comes in. This is a program with Blue Grass Community Action Partnership (BGCAP). BGCAP offers community services like the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP), Winter Care and the Weatherization program.

FPB customers may notice a box on their bill labeled as Winter Care. This gives the opportunity for a tax-deductible donation that will be given to BGCAP. Winter Care funds are available to those most in need to pay utility bills for winter services. Funds are distributed by BGCAP when client assessment identifies a need in the home. Winter Care funds received from FPB are used for FPB clients only.

FPB customers in need of Winter Care assistance can contact the BGCAP Franklin County office at 502-695-5615.



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