WDRB joins the FPB Cable Line-Up

FPB cable customers can now find WDRB on channels 4 and 504 of the cable line-up. In December, FPB’s board approved an agreement to bring back the Louisville Fox affiliate for its top-rated local news coverage. The agreement allows FPB to retransmit WDRB news and syndicated programming into Frankfort.

“I have always considered Frankfort to be an essential part of the Louisville viewing area. Unfortunately, for legal reasons, WDRB has been unable to provide our television station to that market for the last several years. Now, thanks to the forward thinking folks at the Frankfort plant board we will once again be able to provide news, weather and sports from Kentucky’s largest television news organization to the great city of Frankfort,” said Bill Lamb, President of WDRB Media in Louisville.


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