April 18 is Linemen Appreciation Day!

While we appreciate our linemen every day, we set aside this day every year to recognize line workers and their vital role in maintaining and growing our energy and cable infrastructure. They work to protect public safety after catastrophic events and they keep the lights on for the communities who depend on FPB.

The job of a lineman is critical to the safe and efficient delivery of power and cable/telecom services for our customers. Transmission crews make repairs to the higher-voltage lines on towers and large poles typically used to feed power to substations. Distribution crews perform regular maintenance on the high-voltage system that delivers power directly to homes and businesses, which often includes the installation of new poles and transformers, both overhead and underground.

And of course, all line workers are trained to respond to major outages in events such as high winds, ice and storms.

Line workers take great pride in their work and consider it a privilege to serve their communities.

Line workers are true heroes in our communities. If you know a line worker or see one working, take a minute to thank them, whether they're working near your home or in the community.

Our line workers' dedication and skill make the difference to our customers and demonstrate Frankfort Plant Board at its best. We are grateful for their commitment to safety and our customers for the work they perform every day.