Factory reset your DTA

After a power outage, customers may need to reset their DTAs back to the factory default for the DTA to work properly .  Here's a step by step guide to resetting your FPB DTA.

1.  Push MENU on the remote.
2.  Arrow down until option 3 "setting" is highlighted - DO NOT PRESS OK.
3.  Enter 6980 on the remote.
4.  Arrow down to Option 3 "Reset Factory Defaults".
5.  Press "OK" on the remote.
6.  Press "OK" at the "Reset Type All" screen.
7. It will then ask "This will reset STB to default values, Continue?"
8.  Press the left arrow key to highlight "Yes".
9.  Press "OK" on the remote with "Yes" highlighted.
10.  "Please Wait" will appear on the creen and the DTA will start to reboot.  This scanning procedure may take up to 15 minutes.
11.  After scan reaches 100%, check for all channels.

If after following these steps, you are still experiencing issues with your FPB DTA or Cable Service, please call 502-352-4372 and an FPB technician will be assigned to further assess your service issue.  

This factory reset information has been added to the Cable TV service page (from the drop down Service menu) for easy access.  Bookmark the reset page here.