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The Cooking Channel is now on FPB Preferred Cable channel 125 and in High Definition on 625. The Cooking Channel, owned by Scripps Network Interactive, is a spinoff network of another Scripps owned entity, The Food Network.

The Cooking Channel is all about instruction and helping the audience prepare dishes.

The Cooking Channel features shows starring well known chefs like Bobby Flay, Emeril Lagasse, Giada De Laurentiis and Rachael Ray. The focus of The Cooking Channel is on food preparation, recipes and instruction. 

FPB Cable-Telecom Superintendent John Higginbotham expects this network addition to be very well received. “We’ve had a lot of customers inquire about The Cooking Channel over the last year or so and we are very happy to make this addition to our Preferred Cable lineup.”

Higginbotham stated that while The Cooking Channel and Food Network are similar, there is a lot of variety to the programming. “Food Network still offers recipes and instruction, but the programming is much more diverse. There are reality shows and other programs that are outside the kitchen and less about individual instruction with the audience. The Cooking Channel is all about instruction and helping the audience prepare dishes.”

The Cooking Channel also has programming available on FPB Video On Demand. Higginbotham expects this new network to quickly become a customer favorite. “We feel like this gives our customers, who really love to cook and prepare exciting new dishes, a great new opportunity to expand their creativity in the kitchen.”


What's on the Cooking Channel?

The Freshman Class
Meet four culinary students who are putting everything on the line to follow their dreams.
Monday's at 10:30pm

America's Best Bites
Explore the country's hidden food gems.

Man Fire Food
Celebrate the coolest ways to cook with fire. 

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