Looking to Buy a TV This Year? FPB Offers Some Advice on What to Look For

Make sure the built in tuner is a QAM and not just an ATSC tuner
— John Higginbotham

Tis the season for shopping and many people are in the market for a new, flat-screen television. While most new models include built-in QAM, or digital cable tuners, some makes and models are not equipped with that feature.


FPB Assistant General Manager of Cable-Telecom John Higginbotham warns those shopping for a new television to do their research before purchasing a new TV. “Probably 90% of new models have a built in QAM tuner, that may also be called digital cable tuner. Make sure the built in tuner is a QAM and not just an ATSC tuner. That information should be on the television box, but ask the retail sales associate for the specifications. Specific manufacturing information for virtually any make and model is available on-line. Just do your homework before you buy any new television to make sure it has the desired requirements.”

Televisions that do not have a built-in QAM or digital tuner require an FPB DTA or set-top to receive FPB Cable service.