Spring Saving Tips

Spring is finally here and we've put together a few tips to help save energy, money and make the world a little greener.


Wash with Cold Water

Up to 90% of energy consumed by washing machines can be attributed solely to heating the water, even though most loads can run with cold water. Washing most of your clothes in cold water, and, whenever possible, hang-drying certain items, can drastically reduce your energy consumption. 


Use More Off-Peak Energy

Especially as the weather gets warmer, running high-energy appliances and other energy-guzzling devices at night can have a dramatic environmental impact. Even refueling your car at night is more environmentally friendly than doing so during the day, since gasoline evaporates much more readily into the atmosphere while the sun is still out. Increasingly, energy providers are adopting more flexible energy-rate policies, in order to encourage consumers to use more off-peak energy in lieu of peak-rate energy.


Control Your Thermostat!

Heating and Air Conditioning consume a huge amount of energy and drive up the cost of your energy bills, so adjust your room temperatures, and turn off your heater/AC while you’re away during the day.

One of the best alternatives to an AC that you can turn to is the “swamp cooler,” which consumes up to 75% less energy by using an evaporative air-cooling process. 

tips from joonbug.com