Pre-Theatrical Releases Now Available!

Behaving Badly - Available same time it's in theaters!

Teenager Rick Stevens, has a crush on Nina Pennington, they form a friendship and embark on a rock n' roll journey together while Nina deals with her overbearing boyfriend, Kevin.

Well, once again there are no suitable trailers for Behaving Badly.  Instead we have an image gallery below. Did you know you can watch movie previews right in VOD?  It's easy to do:

  1. Turn on FPB VOD by pressing the VOD button on your remote or navigating to channel 99
  2. Select MOVIES
  3. Select a movie
  4. Click the film icon to start the preview
  5. Press EXIT on your remote to clear the on-screen display

Louder Than Words - Now available before it's released in theaters!

After the unexpected death of their daughter, a couple work to build a state of the art children's hospital where families are welcomed into the healing process.

Happy Christmas - Now in Theaters

Irresponsible 20-something Jenny arrives in Chicago to live with her older brother Jeff, a young film-maker living a happy existence with his novelist wife Kelly and their two-year-old son. Jenny's arrival shakes up their quiet domesticity as she and her friend Carson instigate an evolution in Kelly's life and career. Meanwhile, Jenny strikes up a rocky relationship with the family's baby sitter-cum-pot dealer.