D'oh! It's Happening Right Now on FXX

FXX, is currently, right this minute, running a 12 day Simpsons marathon, starting at the beginning with the first episode of season one.

Typically, reruns of the Simpsons found scattered throughout all hours of the day and night, among various channels are shortened for syndication.  But over the next two weeks, FXX will air the original, uncut versions of episodes across all 25 seasons.  

This seems particularly notable for an episode like “The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson,” which originally aired in 1997 and was pulled completely from syndication after the September 11 attacks due to the prominence of the World Trade Center in the plot.  By 2006 the episode had returned to syndication in some areas; however, parts of the episode were often edited out. "One previously such edited item is a scene of two men arguing across Tower 1 and Tower 2, where a man from Tower 2 claims, "They stick all the jerks in Tower One!" Co-executive producer Bill Oakley commented in retrospect that the line was "regrettable"." -

Viewers can find FXX on FPB Classic cable channel 59 and in high definition on 599.  

Find the full schedule for FXX's Simpsons marathon here.