getTV Gotten.

getTV is a new television network that brings the classic films you love to your living room. Enjoy the glamour of old Hollywood with legendary actors and award-winning films playing all day and night. Get classic. getTV.  

FPB Cable Subscribers can find getTV on channel 30.

getTV concentrates on classic films from the 1930s to the 1960s (during the period commonly known as the "Golden Age of Cinema"), largely those released before the 1968 implementation of the Motion Picture Association of America's ratings system and the disestablishment of the Production Code. The network presents its feature film broadcasts mostly uncut (as such, some 1960s film titles are omitted for broadcast due to inappropriate content and to preserve the unedited nature of the network's film broadcasts) and uncolorized (with the only films presented in color being those that were natively filmed or post-produced in the format); movies are also televised in their original aspect ratio (either widescreen or full-screen) whenever possible, although widescreen films are shown in a letterboxed format since the network transmits in the 4:3 aspect ratio. -