FPB Cable Offers Sports Tier

...five that take viewers a little more off the beaten path.
— John Higginbotham

Cable television has a tremendous amount of programming options. Perhaps the most popular choice for many viewers involves sports of every kind. Football or basketball, racing or fishing, team or individual, viewers are always hungry for more. FPB Cable is excited to announce a brand new cable package for those customers who want  to broaden their sports viewing opportunities: FPB SPORTS PLUS.

FPB Sports Plus offers subscribers nine new sports programming  networks. These new networks cover the entire range of sport. FPB Assistant General Manager of Cable-Telecom John Higginbotham knows customers are looking for sports programming that differs from traditional televised sports. “Our world is getting smaller but more diverse at the same time. Customers want a lot of options for sports programming, a more world-wide approach to sports and activities. This tier does just that. FPB Sports Plus offers four networks which focus on traditional programming and five that take viewers a little more off the beaten path.”

FPB Sports Plus is a new, customer choice option. Customers, who subscribe to Sports Plus, must be an FPB Preferred Cable customer and need to have an FPB Advanced Set-Top or cable card.

The networks are:

The YES Network is the most watched regional sports network the past nine years.

GOLTV is a cable network dedicated fully to soccer from around the globe.

MAV TV is a network with its roots deep in the automotive world.

World Fishing Network is the only exclusive channel completely dedicated to the angling lifestyle.

Outside Television is a cable network based on Outside Magazine that focuses on outdoor lifestyle and resort-based sports.

Universal Sports Network carries live and exclusive coverage of Olympic, endurance and action sports from around the world.

FOX College Sports is three national channels, FCS Pacific, FCS Central and FCS Atlantic that cover collegiate sports.

PAC 12 Networks is collegiate content from the PAC 12 Athletic Conference.

Two channels will split time on the schedule, depending on the day and time of year. ESPN Goal Line and ESPN Buzzer Beater allow viewers to catch in-game cut-ins of college football and basketball, as well as, up to the minute highlights.