Q: What is Video On Demand (VOD) and how do I get it?

A: FPB Video On Demand is our VOD service which gives FPB Cable customers with advanced set tops the ability to select from hundreds of movies and other programs and watch them when they want. FPB On Demand offers a variety of programming including movies, kids’ and family shows, events, music, local content, sports and more.

With FPB Video On Demand, customers enjoy DVD-like functionality with the ability to rewind, fast forward and pause programs. If you have an FPB advanced set top, you have access to FPB Video On Demand.



Q: What Equipment do I need for VOD?

A: VOD is only available on FPB advanced set tops.  VOD will not work on FPB DTAs or if you watch FPB Cable through a QAM tuner on your TV or with a cable card in your TV.   Learn about FPB advanced set tops here.

In order to watch an HD VOD title, you will need to have an FPB HD advanced set top.


Q: Will parental control codes and purchase passwords for regular cable work with VOD programming?

A: Yes.  Use parental control codes and purchase passwords to restrict viewing of  programming by ratting or by program title and prevent unauthorized movie orders.  Once restricted, the program or service can be accessed only by entering the parental control code and/or purchase passwords you have selected.  VOD can be blocked altogether.


Q: Do I have to pay to get VOD from FPB Cable?


Movies start as low as $2.99. Events and specialty programming prices vary.


Q: Can I purchase FPB VOD programming through your website or by calling Customer Service?

A:  All FPB VOD programs must be ordered by using your remote.


Q:  How will I be billed for VOD movies and events?

A:  Your VOD purchases will be conveniently included on your monthly FPB bill.


Q: How often does the VOD library of titles change?

A: New titles appear daily and each title has an "available until" date in its description.


Q: How do I access VOD?

A: There are several ways to access FPB VOD:

  1. Press the VOD button on your remote
  2. Use the remote to enter channel 99
  3. Press the Menu button on your remote and select the "ON" button on the Quick Menu bar.

Q: How do I navigate the menu?

A: After accessing Video On Demand, a “Welcome to On Demand” screen will appear. There may be a slight delay before the Main VOD Menu is available.

From the Main VOD Menu you have the option of choosing:

  • Free Cable Favorites: Includes free content from your favorite cable and broadcast networks.
  • Free FPB Kids: Includes free content for the kids to watch from networks like Disney and Nickelodeon.
  • Free Cable 10 & Local: The best in local content from the award-winning production staff at Cable 10.
  • My FPB Premiums: Allows access to Showtime and TMC On Demand
  • My FPB Subscriptions: Disney Family Movies and Disney Channel SVOD – access lots of great additional Disney content for a small monthly fee.  This is different from the free Disney Channel content found in Free FPB Kids
  • Movies: Purchase the hottest new Hollywood hits and classic moves for viewing.
  • Events: Purchase previously aired events like boxing, wrestling, concerts, etc.
  • Featured: Check this category often to find recommended title(s) for viewing
  • My Rentals: All of your previously started programs that are still available for viewing.

Most importantly, after going through a menu selection you can always return to the previous screen by pressing the “last” button on your remote.


Q: Is there a way to search for programming?

A: No,  not at this time.  We have requested our VOD provider make search available.


Q: I left my movie on pause and when I came back it had switched back to normal programming and I had lost my spot.  Why is that?

A: If you pause your movie, it will stay there for 10 minutes. After that point, the movie will revert to normal programming.  Access VOD from any advanced set top in your house and look in “My Rentals” to resume watching where you left off.


Q: I have three VOD capable boxes in my house.  Can I access the same movie/program on multiple boxes?

A: Yes! Order a movie in the family room, stop it and move into the bedroom, and then resume the movie right where you stopped it.  You can even watch the same movie in two separate rooms at the same time for one low price.  Conversely, you could watch two different VOD titles at the same time on two different advanced set tops in the same house. HD VOD movie viewing requirse an HD advanced set top - you can not start an HD movie on an HD advanced set top and continue watching on an SD advanced set top. 



Q: Can I record a show and watch VOD at the same time?

A: Yes. But you cannot record two shows and VOD at the same time.


Q: Why can't I access some networks in Free Cable Favorites?

A: Customers can only access the networks they already receive in their cable package.  If you subscribe to Classic Cable, you will not be able to view content from Preferred Cable networks like NFL Network and Disney XD On Demand.


Q: Can I stop my VOD movie and watch it later?

A: Yes.  The program you've started will be stored in "My Rentals" for up to 24 hours (save times vary per program type).


Q: Can I record FPB VOD content to a DVR?

A: Customers are not able to record FPB VOD content to an FPB DVR. However, unlike pay-per-view movies, FPB VOD programming can be viewed multiple times for up to 24 hours from the time of order.


Q: How can I watch previously ordered VOD content?

A: Previously ordered VOD content can be viewed by tuning to the VOD Main Menu and then selecting “My Rentals.”  Any VOD titles you have started in the previous 24 hours will be listed here.  You can resume watching from where you left off or you can restart from the beginning.


Q: How much time do I have to watch a movie I order?

A: Viewing windows vary between 24 and 72 hours and begin the moment you order.  You can watch as many times as you want within that window by going to “My Rentals”.


Q: I have always watched live UFC events on PPV.  Will I still be able to watch them?

A: Yes.  Live pay-per-view events such as UFC and WWE are available on Channel 401.


Q: Can I get VOD on every TV in my house?

A: Yes. Every TV with an FPB advanced set top has access to VOD.


Q: Will you be adding any additional networks?

A: Yes.  We will be adding more VOD networks as we finalize agreements with programmers.


Q: What is Disney Family Movies?

A:  Disney Family Movies is a Subscription Video on Demand family-friendly programming package available on FPB On Demand. For $5.99 per month customers will get 12 animated shorts and movie titles at any given time. 2 programs will be replaced with ‘new’ programs every week, for a total of 24 Disney selections per month. Selections will be a mix of vault classic movies, contemporary films, animated shorts, and other Disney selections. This is a great add-on for families!  With the power of On Demand, customers can watch anytime, as often as they want, plus they can pause, rewind and fast-forward using nothing more than their remote!


Q: How often can customers watch the movies in my Disney Family Movies package?

 A: Customers ordering this monthly subscription can watch all the movies with the package anytime they want, as often as they want for one low price of just $5.99 per month.


Q: How does a customer subscribe to Disney Family Movies?

A: Customers can call the FPB Office (502-352-4372) and ask for this service to be turned on at their home.  Monthly subscriptions will automatically renew and can be cancelled at any time by calling FPB.  After the service subscription has been ordered you can select the Disney Family Movies subscription in the FPB VOD menu under the “My FPB Subscriptions” category.


Q: How often are the movies updated for the Disney Family Movies Package?

A:  Disney Family Movies will be updated every two weeks where two titles will change giving customers 8 new titles a month. This ensures the titles can be watched repeatedly, but new content is constantly available.


Q: What kind of movies will be offered in the Disney Family Movies package?

A: Many of the favorite classic Disney movies will be available each month; movies will not be brand new or recently released movies. The selections will be a mix of movie titles, classic animated shorts, and other Disney programming.


Q: What is the difference between Disney Family Movies and Disney Channel SVOD?

A: Disney Channel SVOD is a separate product from Disney Family Movies.  Disney Channel SVOD includes Disney Channel content within the recent 30 days and will even premiere certain programming up to 7 days in advance.  Disney Channel SVOD is available for only $4.95 per month.


Q: How soon are movies added to the VOD library after it leaves the theater?

A:  As with DVDs, movie titles are released to On Demand at the discretion of the movie studios.  To see the newest movie additions, click here.  Many new release movies are available 28 days before they are available at Netflix or Redbox.


Q: How often is programming added or changed?

A: New programming is added daily, however the frequency of adding new content is determined by each of the networks.