FPB High-Speed Internet

Family and Tablet

FPB is proud to provide internet services to customers who are looking for a reliable high-speed experience. With speeds up to 250 Mbps, everyone in your house can surf at blazing fast speeds whether they're playing games, streaming media, sharing photos, shopping or just browsing.

Save $6.00 when you subscribe to Classic cable and telephone service
Save $3.00 when you subscribe to Classic cable or telephone service


Up to 250 Mbps down /
10 Mbps up

  • Advanced applications

  • Maximum online gaming performance

  • Maximum online movie and tv streaming

  • Use multiple devices at once without sacrificing speed

  • Professional home office



Up to 100 Mbps down /
10 Mbps up

  • Advanced applications

  • Maximum online gaming performance

  • HD movie and tv streaming

  • Professional home office




Up to 50 Mbps down /
5 Mbps up

  • Heavy use multiuser homes

  • Multiplayer online action gaming

  • HD movie downloading and streaming

  • Complete home office




Up to 25 Mbps down /
3 Mbps up

  • Downloading and streaming movies

  • Online gaming

  • Photo and video sharing


Internet Service Disclosure / Network Practices
All speeds are listed as "best effort" and are not guaranteed. Internet prices advertised do not include cable and phone services

Don’t know what internet speed you need?

Review our infographic to help pick what speed best fits your needs.

FREE access to ESPN3

FPB High-Speed Internet subscribers receive FREE access to exclusive programming on ESPN3.


Rate Comparison

Check out our rates compared to our competitors and see the savings for yourself.

Arris DG3270

FPB Advanced Wireless Modem/Router $5/mo

Sit back, relax, and enjoy amazing features with an FPB High Speed Internet and an advanced wireless modem/router. The Arris DG3270 wireless modem will maximize your Internet speed, provide a smooth internet experience and allow for wireless home networking all with 24 hour customer service. 

You have the option to purchase a new modem from a retailer. Please review our list of recommended modems.

FPB Whole-Home WiFi

Blanket your home in fast, reliable WiFi.
Starting at $9.95/mo

From large homes to studio apartments, eero is fully customizable and adaptable to any size or shape home. Add more eeros and eero Beacons to expand coverage to every corner.

Use multiple access points placed in your home so you can stream anywhere, anytime!

To order, please call FPB Customer Service at 352-4372.



Connecting Your Modem

Sometimes it can be confusing dealing with routers, cable modems, Ethernet cables and the like.  

We've put together a few of the most common cable connections to help make life a little easier.

Internet support UTILITIES FROM FPB

Support Utilities

Protect your online presence with these Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, Firewalls, and other software utilities.

Hand-picked by FPB IT professionals to provide you with the best and safest Internet experiences.




If you are unable to connect to the Internet, please call