Drinking water is safe to drink despite taste and odor issues

The Frankfort Plant Board is aware that there are taste and odor concerns with the tap water. However, it is safe to drink. Contrary to false information being circulated, the water distributed from FPB’s water treatment plant is not contaminated.

Below normal rainfall has resulted in low flow conditions in the Kentucky River. The lower flows, along with the warmer temperatures, have created the perfect storm of conditions that lead to taste and odor compounds that can be described as musty, earthy or dirty. These conditions are occurring statewide. There is no public health or safety issue associated with the occurrence of these compounds in drinking water.

We are in contact with the Kentucky Division of Water, the Kentucky River Authority and other agencies. FPB’s licensed operators and lab professionals at the water treatment plant are sampling and closely monitoring the river conditions and optimizing treatment to resolve the situation. River conditions will improve once the river watershed experiences sufficient rainfall to increase flow. We need rain.

As we continue to flush, we recommend you flush your taps periodically, as well. We also suggest that you periodically empty your ice machines. The taste and odors can be effectively removed by carbon filters such as a Brita or a standard refrigerator filter.

FPB assures its customers that the water meets water quality standards and is safe to drink.

If you have concerns about the water, please do not rely on second-hand information. Please reach out to FPB directly through our website at https://fpb.cc/, our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/fewpb/ or by calling 352-4372.



1.       Is the water safe to drink? Yes. There is no public health issue associated with the taste and odor concerns.

2.       Is there a boil water advisory for Frankfort? No. This condition of the water is strictly an aesthetics (taste and odor) issue. And does not warrant a boil water advisory.

3.       Why don’t I remember taste and odor issues before during dry weather? We’ve had similar issues before, yet this year we are experiencing record prolonged temperatures above 90 degrees. As river conditions change daily, the treatment process changes.

4.       What is FPB doing about the situation? FPB’s licensed operators and laboratory professionals continue to monitor the water system and adjust treatment as needed.

5.       What can customers do to diminish the taste and odor? We recommend flushing your taps. You can also use carbon filters such as a Brita or a standard refrigerator filter.