Google Apps Come to FPB

The Google Apps Migration is complete!

Click the image for a closer look at the new FPB Webmail.

All Email Accounts have been migrated to the new Google Apps Servers.  FPB Broadband subscribers now have access to Google's rich features including 10 gigs of web storage, Google Calendar, Video Chats and 5GB of free storage on Google Drive

If you have not changed your email settings to begin using the new Google Servers, please do so immediately to avoid problems when we turn off the old mail system.  If all your devices’ (computers, smartphones, tablets) settings have been correctly updated, you will not receive any further emails asking you to perform the changes.  


If you are still getting emails that ask you to update your server settings for the Google Apps Migration, then that device is not configured correctly and you should contact Technical Support as soon as possible at 866-352-9570.