FPB Launches Fusion

The dictionary says fusion is the act or process of fusing or melting together; union. FPB Preferred Cable’s newest network addition does just that – bringing together a mix of diverse content on one channel.


Fusion is a news, pop culture and satire TV and digital network. Every day it engages and champions a young, diverse, and inclusive America with a unique mix of smart and irreverent original reporting, lifestyle, and comedic content.

Fusion, now available on FPB Preferred Cable channel 113, is a member of the ABC-Disney group and offers programming aimed at English-speaking millennials, including those of a Hispanic background.

Shows include: “Fusion Live” - An energetic, edgy, primetime show led by three diverse and dynamic hosts that will keep you entertained and informed. “Fusion Live” is filled with engaging stories, live musical performances and interviews with influencers.


“A.M. Tonight with host Alicia Menendez” - Each night, Alicia brings her wit and commentary through thought provoking conversations, intimate one-on-one interviews and dynamic panel discussions to investigate some of today’s most controversial issues: sex, money and politics.

Alicia Menendez is here to elevate those conversations and answer questions others are afraid to explore.


“Back Home” - From executive producer Diego Luna, Back Home follows a different celebrity guest each week on an intimate and emotional voyage to their family’s country of origin.

For a complete Fusion programming list, click here.

To order FPB Preferred Cable, call 352-4372.